Taiwan Comic Base Exhibition Space Management and Lease Application Operation Guidelines

Approved by the 5th Session of the 1st Board of Directors Meeting on February 18, 2020

Revised by the 11th Session of the 1st Board of Directors Meeting on September 10, 2021

  • To strengthen exchanges and collaboration with talents or units in the comics, animation, games, and other related industries and make good use of the Taiwan Comic Base (hereafter “the Base”); the Taiwan Creative Content Agency (hereafter "TAICCA”) has provided a single service window (hereafter “the Base Management Unit”) to streamline the lease operations and established this Guideline.
  • Qualification and preferential price conditions for venue lease applicant:

    1. Government agencies (institutions), schools, legal persons established by law, businesses, or unincorporated groups and nationals of the Republic of China over the age of 20 may apply. The application content must meet the following principles:
      1. Comic education promotion events.
      2. Comics related academic events.
      3. Comics related reader events.
      4. Comics related author events.
      5. Taiwan comics-related commercial events.
      6. Other cultural and art-related activities approved by TAICCA.
    2. If the following conditions are met, the venue lease fee may be reduced by 50% or waived:
      1. Students and student organizations that have been reviewed and approved.
      2. Comic related activities have been reviewed and approved.
      3. Activities sponsored and co-organized by TAICCA.
      4. Public welfare, national, international, or activities with special artistic and cultural value organized by government agencies (institutions), schools, or public welfare legal persons (groups).
      5. Other events whereby preferential measures are approved by TAICCA.
  • The open space lease area of the Base is the Multi-Purpose Hall (zones A, B) on the 2nd floor . (The scope of each space is detailed in Appendix 1: Taiwan Comic Base Exhibition Space Lease Zone Map). Space capacity for the various zones:

    1. The capacity for Zone A of the Multi-Purpose Hall on the 2nd floor is 64 people or less.
    2. The capacity for Zone B of the Multi-Purpose Hall on the 2nd floor is 27 people or less.
  • Open lease period: The lease period is detailed in Appendix 2, but the lease period is based on the principle of collaboration with the exhibitions and events organized by the Base.

  • To apply for renting the venue, please fill in the online application form on the Base's official site (www.tcb.tw) and submit the following relevant application documents. You may rent the venue after your application is approved after review:

    1. Those who apply for renting a venue for exhibitions, presentations (product launch/announcement), filming or recording programs shall submit the event plans, supporting documents of relevant authorities or entities, on-site layout plans, and the list of equipment that would enter the site, etc.
    2. Other documents related to the review procedures required by TAICCA.
  • Application time:

    1. Applicants must submit an application no later than 10 working days prior to the day of use (excluding the day of the event).
    2. When applying for renting the venue, please prepare and submit the relevant documents specified in Article 5 of the Guidelines and upload them to the official site of the Base (www.tcb.tw) to submit your application. The lease period is at most one month in principle. If a user needs to continue to use the venue after the lease expires, the user shall submit an application 14 working days prior to the lease expiration date, and an extension may be granted after approval by the Base Management Unit. Only one such extension shall be granted.
    3. If two or more applicants apply to use the venue space at the same time, the lease shall be granted to the one who has submitted the required documents and completed the payment procedures first.
  • Review and Payment Matters:

    1. Review method and result announcement: The Base Management Unit shall accept the applications and submit them to TAICCA for approval. Those approved shall be notified by the Base Management Unit via Email or written letter to the applicant, and the approval shall also be announced on the Base's official website (https://www.tcb.tw).
    2. The Base Management Unit may reject any venue lease application cases based on manpower and safety considerations.
    3. The Venue Lease Charging Rules are set according to the Principle of Income from State-owned Public Real Estate. Those approved shall pay the rent according to the Venue Lease Charging Rules (see Appendix 2 for details). If the purpose of use applied tends to mess up the venue, the Base Management Unit may require the approved applicant to prepay the cleanup fee in order to commission a cleanup crew for subsequent cleanup.
    4. The approved applicant must visit the base personally (No. 38, Huayin Street, Datong District, Taipei City) to complete the payment procedures listed below as well as the venue lease application procedures:
      1. Upon receiving the approval letter from the base management unit, you shall, within three working days, pay the base management unit a security deposit calculated at 50% of the total rental cost as well as the cleaning fee (if any) specified in the preceding paragraph, and submit the photocopy of the insurance policy and the signed affidavit for entry and exit of on-site construction (Attachment 3). If the fee is not paid within the deadline specified in the preceding paragraph, the period of use applied shall not be reserved.
      2. The security deposit and rental fee may only be paid in cash or by checks at sight.
      3. The total rent cost shall be settled with the Base Management Unit on the first day of the lease. If the payment is not made in time, TAICCA shall be entitled to cancel the current application and confiscate all of the funds paid previously.
    5. If your application is approved, you shall provide information and campaign materials of your event which the Base would announce on the official site.
    6. After the event is over, the Base Management Unit shall check to ensure that the equipment is correct or deduct the relevant compensation expenses before refunding the security deposit without interest.
  • Lease cancellation and modification:

    1. If the venue lease is canceled or modified due to force majeure or issues not attributable to both parties such as typhoons, torrential rains, other natural disasters announced by the Taipei City Government to stop working, or if the gathering or venue is controlled by the Taipei City government per the law; the lessee shall renegotiate the lease schedule with the Base Management Unit. If the contract is terminated, the relevant fees paid shall be refunded by the Base Management Unit without interest.
    2. Unless specified in the preceding paragraph, the lessee shall not change the lease period unless the Base Management Unit has notified TAICCA for approval. If the lessee requests to cancel, reset the lease period, or reduce the days of the lease for any reason; it must notify the Base Management Unit in writing at least 7 working days prior to the first day of the lease. In case of violation, the Base Management Unit shall first deduct the entire security deposit as well as the cleanup fee paid, subtract 50% of the lease amount already paid, and return the remaining balance without interest.
    3. If the lessee did not request to cancel, reset the lease period, or reduce the days of the lease but also did not use the venue on the lease starting date; the case shall be handled in accordance with the preceding paragraph.
    4. The lessee shall be responsible for the event change, cancellation, announcement, and contract-related matters.
  • Venue use related precautionary items:

    1. Venue use specifications:
      1. If one of the following situations occurs during the event when the lessee uses the venue, the Base Management Unit may stop the right to use:
        1. Violation of national policy or government decree.
        2. Violation of good social customs or public order.
        3. The activity content does not match the purpose of use, or the venue is transferred to others for use.
        4. The event may damage the base structure or equipment.
        5. Other reasons considered by the Base Management Unit as not suitable for leasing.
        6. During the event period, the space used and the capacity have exceeded that of the leased venue.
      2. The lessee shall be responsible for notifying the participants to comply with the following rules when using the venue, and the lessee shall be responsible for handling the violation of participants:
        1. It is forbidden to bring beverages or food unless approved by the Base Management Unit.
        2. Smoking, chewing betel nuts, chewing gum, carrying dangerous items or contrabands, creating sparks, or other dangerous actions are strictly prohibited.
        3. Pets are not permitted in the venue.
        4. Maintain the cleanliness and equipment of the Base.
      3. Site survey and layout:
        1. The renter of the venue shall designate one staff in charge of the site for contact with the management unit of the Base from time to time. If location scouting is required, please make an appointment in advance with the management unit of the Base and proceed with the scouting during working hours (from 10 am to 9 pm).
        2. Venue furnishing time: Transportation of the various items by the lessee shall comply with the traffic flow and time designated by the Base.
        3. The renter shall apply for work permits in accordance with the regulations of the Base. Those who enter and exit the venue shall bear their work permits during the on-site set-up period. Those who lose or damage their work permits shall pay NT$100 for reissuance of each permit; those who lose or damage their access control cards shall pay NT$500 for reissuance of each card, and a fine of NT$3,000 shall be paid for each fraudulent use of permits and/or cards or allowing personnel without work permits to enter the restricted areas of the venue.
        4. It is forbidden to damage or contaminate the surface of the Base or add attachments, nails, thumbtacks, etc., to damage the wall. When posters, promotional materials, and flower baskets need to be posted in the Base, they shall be placed at the designated location of the Base. Arbitrary posting and displaying are not permitted. Please use paper tape or another easy-to-remove tape for posting, and return to the venue back to its original state when the event ends.
        5. The lessee shall not use electrical equipment that consumes a lot of electricity without consent from the Base. If the lessee's electricity consumption exceeds that of the venue and must provide its own generator or configure its own power equipment, it must obtain consent from the Base Management Unit first and comply with the relevant regulations.
        6. The wiring for electricity, lighting, sound systems, etc., must comply with the specifications of the Base; set along the wall or groove, and protective wire board must be added at passage corridors.
        7. To maintain fire safety, open flames and gas are prohibited at the Base, and special effects such as dry ice and color powders are strictly prohibited.
        8. It is strictly forbidden to seal the electricity distribution box, fire-fighting equipment, escape safety doors, and remove various safety signs. No decorations or exhibits shall be allowed in front of fire-fighting equipment and safety escape doors.
        9. When using the venue, the lessee must keep the venue as well as the devices and equipment clean and complete, and special protective measures must be taken when heavy or sharp items are transported during venue entry and exit periods.
        10. The various equipment and testing items must be prepared by the lessee during the event and must be approved by the Base Management Unit before installation and furnishing. At the end of the event, all of the furnishings and equipment must be removed and the area must be restored to its original state within the deadline. The Base Management Unit is not responsible for the safekeeping, and shall charge transportation removal fees according to the actual situation.
        11. The lessee shall remove all of its own items and restore the area to its original state before the expiration of the lease period. The Base Management Unit shall be entitled to treat the items not removed as waste, and shall be entitled to dispose of said items without any prior notice or reminder.
      4. The number of participants in the event shall not exceed the venue capacity specified in Point 3 of this Guideline, and the lessee shall dispatch staff to monitor traffic flow at the entrance.
      5. This Base only provides a venue for lease and basic power equipment, no manpower is provided. The lessee shall be responsible for dispatching its personnel to handle external reception, liaison, guidance, inquiries, and on-site personnel management.
    2. Public and financial safety:

      During the venue usage period, the lessee shall be responsible for the public safety of the participants in the event and purchase sufficient public accident liability insurance, which shall not be lower than the adequate insurance amount recommended by the Executive Yuan for public event liability insurance to cover venues held at public places. In case of injuries or casualties, the Base Management Unit shall not be liable for medical treatment or compensation.

    3. Exhibits and financial safety:

      During the venue usage period, the lessee shall purchase comprehensive artwork insurance for the items exhibited. In case of any damage or loss, the Base Management Unit shall not be liable for any compensation. Each person shall be responsible for their personal items during the event, and the Base Management Unit shall not be responsible for safekeeping.

    4. During the venue usage period, the lessee shall be solely responsible for other taxes, penalty fines, etc. derived from the use of the venue.
    5. The lessee shall obtain the copyright, patent, or other intellectual property rights of the works exhibited in accordance with the law. The lessee shall be held liable if the works involve plagiarism, counterfeiting, or infringe upon the intellectual property rights of others.
    6. Consent from TAICCA or the Base is required before the trademarks or logos of TAICCA or the Base may be used.
    7. Unless otherwise provided, permission for the lessee to use the venue shall be immediately canceled if the lessee has breached any provision of this Guideline and refuses to make corrections after receiving a notice from the Base Management Unit. The fees paid shall not be refunded, and the Base Management Unit shall reject all lease applications from the lessee within one year.
  • Damage and compensation:

    1. If the event organized by the lessee violates the relevant laws and regulations, the lessee shall be held liable and the Base shall not be involved. If the Base’s reputation is damaged as a result, TAICCA shall pursue compensation for damages according to the law.
    2. During venue use, the lessee shall be responsible for maintaining and protecting the venue and its equipment. If devices, equipment, or other borrowed items are damaged; the lessee shall be liable for compensation at full price. If defects or damages are discovered prior to use, the Base Management Unit shall be notified immediately to deal with the matter. Failure to provide notification means the status of the items is acceptable, and the lessee shall be held liable for compensation to any subsequent device damages or extended defects. If the lessee fails to fulfill the repair and compensation responsibilities, the fees incurred by the Base Management Unit to handle such matters on behalf of the lessee shall be borne by the lessee.
    3. The lessee shall be liable for damages if it has violated this Point and causes damages to the Base, and the relevant agencies shall be notified to handle the matter in accordance with the law if necessary.
    4. If the lessee must pay compensation according to this clause or if the prepaid cleanup fee is insufficient to cover the actual cleanup cost, the Base Management Unit shall deduct the compensation or insufficient cleanup fee from the security deposit before refunding the remaining balance.
  • Matters not covered by this Guideline shall be subject to interpretation by other relevant laws and regulations or by TAICCA and may be amended at any time.

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