Taiwan Comic Base offers free online and on-site comic industry consultations. To make a reservation, please fill in the forms. After completing the specified steps, our team  will contact you by E-mail as soon as possible.

(A)Online Consultation:After a successful reservation, a website link will be provided to you via E-mail.
(B)On-site Consultation:After a successful reservation, one-on-one consultation at the Taiwan Comic Base will be arranged for you.

Three types of consultations are offered below.

[Monthly Limited: Comics General Consultation]

  • Suitable for: Comic creators seeking advice on difficulties they have encountered, with appropriate guidance from industrial manager.
  • Registration date: See announcement on the Taiwan Comic Base fanpage.
  • Consultation dates: On the last Tuesday of each month. 20 mins/per session; 8 sessions a day.
  • [Monthly Limited: Creative Comic Collection Writing Consulting Services]

    • Suitable for: All sorts of issues and challenges during comic creation or project proposal planning, for which the CCC editorial team will provide advice.
    • Registration date: Will be announced quarterly by CCC.
    • Consultation dates: Please select three preferred available sessions according to the dates and timeslots announced by the CCC editorial team.
    • Details for Application:
      • Please select three preferred available sessions according to the dates and timeslots announced by the CCC editorial team.
      • Please be kindly informed that, due to the limitation of time and manpower, the editorial team will consider factors including the applicant’s registration time, selected timeslots, and the degree of completion of the submitted work to assess whether the application is successful.
      • For successful applicants, the editorial team will send a confirmation email on the Friday prior to the first writing consultation session of each quarter. Please be kindly informed that there will be no further notification for unsuccessful applicants.
      • Review status is available in real time on the member interface of the Taiwan Comic Base website.
      • Consultation can be done either onsite or online. For successful applicants who select the online option, the link to the online meeting will be sent on a later date.

      [Personalised Creative Industry Matching Consultation]

      • Suitable for: Industry consultation for comic creators and industry professionals, providing corresponding suggestions and matching services.
      • Registration date: Any
      • Consultation dates: Every Tuesday or Thursday (subject to change)

Application Form

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  • Our team will contact you within 7 working days after submitting your application.
  • If you wish to cancel your reservation, please call us at least two days before your consultation.
  • In order to ensure the quality of service, please be sure to specify your requirements in the "Consultation Content"