Terms and Conditions for Taiwan Comic Base Members

Approved by the 5th Session of the 1st Board of Directors Meeting on February 18, 2020

Revised by the 11th Session of the 1st Board of Directors Meeting on September 10, 2021

The Taiwan Creative Content Agency (hereafter “TAICCA”) shall provide Taiwan Comic Base (hereafter "the Base”) membership services according to the terms and scope of use provided by the Taiwan Comic Base Membership Agreement (hereafter “the Service Agreement”), and ensure that members understand the relevant provisions for using the Base member service. The detailed terms of service are as follows:

  • I. Awareness and Consent Terms

    1. TAICCA has established a membership mechanism to provide comprehensive Base services. When you register as a Base member, it means that you have read, understood, and agreed to fully accept all of the terms of service, the privacy policy of this Base (https://www.tcb.tw/en/privacy), as well as all current and future service items, contents, and specifications.
    2. If you are a minor under the age of 20, you must read, understand, and agree to all of the contents of this agreement and its subsequent revisions with your parent (or legal guardian) in order to register as a member. When a member uses or continues to use the Base member services, the member's parent (or legal guardian) is deemed to have read, understood, and agreed to accept the entire contents of the terms of service and its subsequent revisions.
    3. To provide comprehensive services, TAICCA may revise and adjust the terms of service and privacy policy at any time in order to comply with laws and regulations as well as update and adjust the service. If you continue to use the services after TAICCA has announced an update of the terms of service and privacy policy, you are deemed to have accepted the aforesaid update. If you neither accept any of the terms of service nor agree to the amendment or update method of the terms of service, you must stop using the service immediately.
    4. When you apply for registration as a member of the Base, you have agreed to abide by the following rules in order to qualify as a Base member:
      1. Select your type of membership of the Base according to your needs (please refer to Appendix 1 “Types and Levels of Taiwan Comic Base Membership”), and fill in your latest and correct personal information. After review and approval by TAICCA, you will obtain your selected membership of the Base and the APP membership barcode (which is used on the official site and APP of the Base) to enjoy offers including bonus points and point redemption, as well as corresponding rights based on the type of membership. If you refuse to provide the necessary information for applying for membership, you may not be able to enjoy the full service, which may be completely unavailable.
      2. Registered members shall maintain the correctness and validity of their account information during the membership period. If a member provides untrue or false information, the member shall bear the losses thus incurred, and TAICCA shall be entitled to suspend or terminate the member's account as well as suspend all or part of the member's Base member services without prior notice. TAICCA will use the member account information to verify your membership, provide the Base services, notify you of the relevant member rights information, and provide personal information to TAICCA according to the privacy policy of the Base.
      3. You must keep your member account and password secure. You are obligated to properly secure your account and password, which shall not be provided to any third-parties for use. If you lose your account or password, discover that your account password has been used without authorization, or found other security problems; you must notify the Base Management Unit immediately. If the Base member service system cannot effectively prevent or correct the problem due to the member's failure to provide timely notice, the member shall be held liable for all of the losses thus incurred.
      4. After a member has logged in using the Base website or mobile APP, the member must also log out properly. TAICCA shall not be responsible for any damages incurred due to non-compliance with this provision, and the member shall bear full legal liability.
    5. Both the member and TAICCA hereby agree to use the entire membership service content, including its expressions of intentions, which shall be expressed in writing or via electronic documents.
    6. The member promises not to use this member service for any illegal purpose or in any illicit manner, and pledges to abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of China as well as the international norms of Internet utilization. If the member is a foreigner outside of the Republic of China, the member hereby agrees to abide by the laws and regulations of the member’s country or region. The member agree and guarantee that he/she shall not use this service to engage in acts that infringe upon the rights and interests of TAICCA or others or in other illegal manners including, but not limited, to:
      1. Publish or transmit any defamatory, insulting, threatening, offensive, indecent, obscene, false, or contents in violation of public order or good customs as well as other illegal text, photos, or files in any form.
      2. Infringe or damage the reputation, privacy, trade secrets, trademark rights, copyrights, patent rights, and other intellectual property rights as well as the rights of TAICCA, this Base, or others.
      3. Violate the confidentiality obligations under the law or a contract.
      4. Engaging in commercial activities without the prior authorization of TAICCA.
      5. Fraudulent use of the service.
      6. Transmit or spread computer viruses.
      7. Other behaviors that do not conform to the purpose of use provided by this service or behaviors deemed by TAICCA as inappropriate under good cause.
  • II. Service Description

    1. The Base has adopted the membership and user payment system. Members shall enjoy the membership benefits (Appendix 1 “Taiwan Comic Base Membership Level”) as well as services of the Base within the membership validity period and according to the membership level; make reservation with the Base, or use points to pay for the specific membership service items according to your needs; and abide by the relevant terms of service.
    2. Please refer to the latest fee rates (Appendix 2 “Taiwan Comic Base Membership Service Items”) and space service announcements for relevant member service fees. If a reservation is required for member service items, members can make a reservation using the Base APP or the service counter on the 3rd floor of the Base. :
    3. According to authority, TAICCA may adjust the scope of Base membership services that you may enjoy according to your membership qualification. You are aware and agree that TAICCA may adjust the Base services and service fees at any time. If a member disagrees with the fee adjustment, the member may terminate the membership or cancel the scheduled membership service of the Base at any time. If the service fee for a reservation that has been canceled in advance has already been deducted, please contact the service counter on the 3rd floor of the base to apply for a refund or retrieve the points.
    4. When a member rents equipment or uses items or workstation (seat) space from the base, the member must provide due care of a good manager in addition to observing the terms of service as well as the relevant precautions and regulations of the Base. In case of any damage or destruction, the member shall be liable for compensation according to the items’ prices.
    5. If a member has any of the following conditions, TAICCA shall be entitled to restrict the member's account and permission to use the services, and/or terminate the membership qualification without prior notice:
      1. Declared bankruptcy;
      2. Individual member has died or is unable to handle daily affairs due to mental or physical illness or injury;
      3. TAICCA has sufficient reason to believe that the member's reservation and use of the space will affect the normal operation of the Base or its safety or reputation;
      4. Malicious cancellation for large volumes of reserved space usage;
      5. The member's behavior constitutes a major breach of the terms of service, TAICCA is convinced that the member has no intention of complying with the terms of service due to repeated violations, or the member has failed to make corrections within 5 days after receiving a notice from TAICCA;
      6. The member's behaviors have affected the order of the Base, violated fire protection laws as well as health and safety laws, and negatively impacted the personnel of the base.
  • III. Payment Method and Point Usage Instructions

    1. Fees incurred by membership services can only be redeemed with member points. Member points can only be purchased online, and cash transactions are not available on-site. If the member uses point redemption, please verify the point balance during payment. After checkout, the transaction is deemed as final and without objection.
    2. The member points of the Base can be obtained via point allocation when spending in the Base's stores according to the member's rights and interests. To use the points, please show your APP membership barcode before the checkout to enjoy the offers and the rights of the accumulated points. Members can use the APP membership bar code to make an inquiry at the service counter on the third floor of the Base, or they can download the APP of the Base to inquire.
    3. When members accumulate points or use points to redeem member service items at this Base, the electronic data automatically recorded by the Base’s computer system shall prevail. In case of a dispute, the electronic data shall be used as the verification standard. If incorrect transaction information is discovered, notify the contact window of the Base immediately (Email: service@tcb.tw ; telephone: 02-25553155).
    4. The membership points are for personal use only and cannot be transferred to others. If the points are arbitrarily given to others for use and thereby cause damage to the Base, the member giving the points shall compensate based on the actual costs.
  • IV. Workstation (Seat) Space Usage Specifications and Compensation Liability

    1. Use Reservation:
      1. Member reservation workstations (seats) are offered at the space on the 3rd floor of this Base, and Base equipment use or rental is available. However, TAICCA shall be entitled to delete member reservations. A reservation system is adopted for workstations (seats) of the Base. Unless approved by TAICCA, the fair use method is adopted and a member can only reserve one seat at a time.
      2. TAICCA shall organize events for members and/or the general public from time to time. If TAICCA in order to facilitate the progress of any event concerned, requests the members to change the workstations (seats) or provides the alternative workstations (seats) space that does not meet the needs of members, the redeemed points will be refunded in proportion or in full depending on the situation. If there are such events, TAICCA will notify members in advance as soon as possible.
      3. If the member making the reservation intends to cancel the reservation of the workstations (seats), it shall use the Base App to cancel or notify the Base service counter at least 24 hours prior to the date of reservation. By doing so, the cancellation will be valid and the points deducted will be refunded. If a reservation is not canceled according to the provisions of this herein, there is no right to make another reservation, and TAICCA shall not refund the points redeemed.
      4. If the member making the reservation of the space fails to arrive at the premise on time, the Base is entitled to provide the reserved workstations (seats) to any member who makes a reservation on-site.
    2. Maintenance and Behavior Agreement:
      1. When entering the space of the Base, the counter service staff will conduct identity verification. Members shall bear the designated IDs in accordance with the regulations of the Base and provide national ID cards (profile pictures required) prior to using the reserved equipment.
      2. Workstation (seat) users shall return the table, chair, items, and environment to their original state when the reservation time expires; and clear all other personal articles that do not belong to the Base. If a member has left trash or personal items and/or caused environment or equipment damages after using the workstation (seat), TAICCA shall be entitled to charge additional cleaning, removal, or compensation fees against the member as appropriate. If a member intentionally or negligently causes damage to the Base, TAICCA may claim compensation from the member.
      3. Except with the prior consent of TAICCA, members are not allowed to change or remove any objects in the workstations and shall not download or install any software by themselves. In case of violation, the member shall compensate the Base for the damage thus incurred.
      4. After the workstation (seat) is restarted, the computer system will be formatted. Be sure to save the files before shutting down. The Base will not be responsible for the damage or loss of any files.
      5. Use behavior agreement: The workstation (seat) space is for the creative use of members. Please lower the volume, do not make loud noises, disturb the peace of others, or obstruct their right to use. No cooking, open flame, pets (except for guide dogs), dangerous objects, smoking, drugs, posting ads or promoting merchandise, gambling, or other behaviors in violation of laws and regulations, public order, or good customs shall be permitted. If a member does not listen to the instruction of the management staff of the Base, TAICCA shall directly cancel the member's right to use at the time, the reservation points redeemed shall not be returned, and the member is solely responsible for all legal liabilities.
      6. For anyone who violates the regulations and fails to make corrections after being notified, the Base may require it to leave the premises immediately prohibit its applications for the use of creative space for the month in which the violation takes place. Anyone severely violating the regulations or causing severe consequences will be reported to the police for handling in accordance with the laws.
    3. Management of Personal Belongings:

      TAICCA shall not be responsible for any storage or liability for any items placed in space of this Base when members use the services of this Base. If no one claims the personal belongings left by a member in the space of the Base within 30 days after the management personnel of the Base found it, TAICCA shall be entitled to acquire ownership and dispose of the items accordingly, and the member shall be liable for damages suffered by TAICCA as a result.

    4. Visitor Agreement:
      1. When the member uses the workstations (seats) space during the reserved time period, visitors may be invited to visit for a short time.To maintain the rights of others to use the space, TAICCA shall be entitled to ask any visitor to leave the workstation space.
      2. Member’s visitors shall register information at the service counter on the third floor of the Base. If the visitors intend to visit the premises of the space, they shall do so by being accompanied by the management staff of the Base.
      3. Members are obliged to inform their guests of the regulations and liability for the use of workstation (seat) space, and shall agree to take full legal responsibility for the behavior of their visitors at the Base space.
    5. Please refer to the Convention for the Creative Space promulgated by the Base for any other matters not covered herein.
  • V. Service Termination and Processing

    1. Members may write an Email to service@tcb.tw at any time to TAICCA to terminate the membership qualification. In the case of unsettled service fees or compensation, TAICCA shall continue to exercise the right to claim payment from the member.
    2. If a member has any of the following circumstances, TAICCA may immediately terminate or restrict the membership, and/or stop providing services permanently or temporarily:
      1. Declaration of death, bankruptcy, assistance, or guardianship;
      2. Your reservation or use of the Base’s membership services have affected the normal operation, safety maintenance (including the safety assurance for any person in this base), or reputation of the Base;
      3. Repeated violation of the terms of service and failed to correct within the set deadline;
      4. Actions that constitute a major breach of the terms of service or affect the interests of the TAICCA or the Base;
      5. Other illegal and criminal acts with severe circumstances.
  • VI. Intellectual Property Rights

    1. Members shall respect and agree not to infringe upon the intellectual property rights of others when using this membership service. In case of such infringement, TAICCA shall revoke the member’s membership and permanently ban the member from using member services.
    2. The software, photos, programs, and all website contents used by TAICCA to operate the Base including, but not limited to, designs, drawings, texts, images, files, information (data), website, APP screen layouts, designs, or other intellectual property rights owned by TAICCA or other rights holders shall cover, but are limited to, trademark rights, patent rights, copyrights, trade secrets, and proprietary technologies. Unless otherwise stipulated by the rights holder, no one shall arbitrarily use, modify, remake, publicly broadcast, revise, distribute, publicly transmit, publicly publish, or perform reverse engineering decompilation or reverse compilation without authorization from TAICCA or the rights holder. Any violation shall be handled by TAICCA in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and the responsible member shall be held liable for damages suffered by TAICCA (including, but not limited to, litigation costs, and attorney fees). TAICCA shall revoke the member's qualification, ban the member from using the membership services, and permanently reject the member’s membership application.
  • VII. Disclaimer

    1. TAICCA shall not be liable for any compensation or indemnity for damages caused by its members; and shall be entitled to suspend, change, or terminate all or part of the member services under any one of the following circumstances:
      1. TAICCA has moved, replaced, upgraded, maintained, or repaired the software and hardware equipment related to this service.
      2. Any member who has violated government laws or the terms of service.
      3. Natural disasters or force majeure issues.
      4. When the member’s service information is incorrectly displayed, forged, falsified, deleted, or retrieved due to reasons that TAICCA cannot control, or the system is interrupted or cannot operate normally.
      5. Other reasons are not attributable to TAICCA.
    2. TAICCA shall adopt generally reasonable techniques and methods to maintain the normal operation of the Base member service system and the Base online platform (including, but not limited to, websites and APPs [hereafter “the Online Platform”]). However, TAICCA shall be entitled to terminate or suspend the services under any of the following circumstances without any compensation or indemnity:
      1. When it is necessary to maintain the electronic communication equipment of TAICCA or the Base.
      2. When a sudden electronic communication equipment failure occurs.
      3. When the electronic communication service of TAICCA or the Base is stopped and the service cannot be provided.
      4. When the website of the Base cannot provide services due to force majeure or other reasons that are not attributable to TAICCA.
    3. TAICCA does not provide any expressed or implied guarantee for this online platform including, but not limited to, the following:
      1. The online platform is interference-free, safe and reliable, free from errors, or has real-time updates.
      2. The results obtained by using this online platform are correct or reliable.
      3. Any products, services, information, or other information obtained through this online platform will meet the members’ needs or expectations.
      4. Members shall assess and bear their own risks when using this online platform to obtain any information and are solely responsible for any damage or data loss due to downloading the aforesaid data using this online platform.
    4. All comments, opinions, or behaviors provided by a member on this online platform only represent the views of said member. All members must guarantee that any creations published or used by the members on this online platform are personal and non-infringing, and TAICCA and the Base shall not bear any responsibilities.
    5. The terms of service shall not represent any partnership, joint venture, agency, or joint relations between the members and TAICCA. Members shall not misrepresent their legal relations with TAICCA to anyone or engage in any commercial or other acts under TAICCA’s name (including, but not limited to, acts by individuals or joint relations).
    6. Neither party shall be liable for breach of contract due to payment delay or unable to pay caused by force majeure issues.
  • VIII. Penalty for Damages

    1. If a member receives penalty fines due to violating the terms of service, TAICCA may deduct the points accumulated by the member accordingly in addition to seeking compensation for damages, and the member shall not object.
    2. If a member violates the relevant laws or regulations or any of the membership terms and causes TAICCA, the Base, employees, trustees, agents, and other relevant performance assistants to suffer damages or expenses (including, but not limited to, attorneys and related litigation costs incurred in civil, criminal, and administrative procedures); the member shall be held liable for damages or the expenses thus incurred.
  • IX. Modification of Terms

    TAICCA shall be entitled to modify or change the contents of the terms of service at any time. The modified contents shall be published on the website without any additional notification to members. Members must pay attention to such modifications or changes at any time. When a member continues to use the Service after any modification or change, the member is deemed to have read, understood, and agreed to accept such modification or change. If a member neither agrees with the aforesaid terms of service modification or update method nor accepts any other contents of the terms of service, the member must stop using the service immediately.

  • X. Governing Law and Jurisdiction Court

    1. The interpretation, supplement, and application of the terms of service shall be governed by the relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of China. If all or part of any provisions in the terms of service is invalid, it shall not affect the validity of other provisions.
    2. The interpretation, supplement, and application of the terms of service shall be governed by the relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of China. If all or part of any provisions in the terms of service is invalid, it shall not affect the validity of other provisions.
    3. Should a dispute arise from the terms of service, the parties agree that the Taipei District Court of Taiwan shall be the court of first instance jurisdiction.
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