About Taiwan Comic Base

“Taiwan Comic Base” is situated within Taipei City’s Huaying Street Business District which used to be the most developed area of Taipei Rear station. For many travelers that came to Taipei for work or school, it was their first sight of Taipei City.

Here they gathered with their dreams to meet with each other, settle down, and put down their roots. Comic Base is not just here to carry on the rich culture and history of Taipei Rear Station. Its most important mission is to serve as an incubator for future Taiwanese comics.

The old duplex townhouse housing the Base has been renovated with its internal spaces optimized to create a sense of multiple levels within the existing constraints. The design was inspired by the use of frames and time axes in animation and comics. Window frames positioned at different heights are like a mosaic of scenes from the storyboard. The design inspires the imaginations of visitors and creates new associations.

Base Bookstore

The Base Bookstore focuses on original Taiwanese comics. It has the most extensive and complete collection of original Taiwanese text and graphics. People of all ages as well as parents with kids in tow can all find something they like here! Sit down and have a cup of rich coffee or fragrant tea in the bright and warm space, then commune with the book in your hands; If you look up, a comic artist might be working away over at the next table! Base Bookstore also hosts themed book exhibitions and comic seminars; Comic professionals sometimes hold low-profile gatherings here that you wish you could listen in on... Feel free to drop by the bookstore every now and then. Give yourself a surprise encounter with comic artists and the cats at the Base!

Comic Base Member Service
Software Service

Events such advance study, creation camp and Base lecture will be held on random basis, as to provide services of industrial interaction creator-exclusive consultation online/ offline matchmaking

Hardware Service

Provision of creation space for member freedom in creation lease of creation equipment

Member Feedback

Exclusive benefit for members of Base bookstore introduction of credit top-up system monthly provision of reward points to creators

Floor Guide
Administrative Office
Creative SpaceFor access to the professional hardware facilities of the Creative Space, just become a member of Comic Base
Multi-Purpose Hall
Base Bookstore
Opening hours

Opening hours: 10:00 ~ 21:00 Tuesday ~ Sunday; closed on Mondays

Public holiday closures are as announced by the Base


Take the MRT Red (Tamsui-Xinyi) or Blue (Banqiao-Nangang) Line and get off at Taipei Main Station. Go to Taipei Main Station Exit M1 and continue along Sec. 1 Chengde Rd. Turn left at Huaying St. until you reach No. 36/38.

By Bus

Taipei Main Station (Chengde) - From Chengde Rd. to Huaying St.: 2, 215, 304 Chengde, 63, 756, 811.
Taipei Main Station (Zhengzhou) - Head towards Chengde Rd. along Civic Blvd. then turn onto Huaying St.: 2, 14, 218, 218 Express, 260, 260 Shuttle, 274, 310, 39, 39 Evening, 578, 579, 582 615, 622, 641, 669, Minibus 9.

By Car

As the picture shows

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Taiwan Comic Base

No.36 and 38 Huayin Street, Datong District, Taipei City