Taiwan Comic Base Privacy Policy

Passed at the 5th meeting of the 1st-term Board of Directors on February 18, 2020

Considering that the “Taiwan Comic Base” (hereinafter referred to as the “Base”) values and respects the privacy of the Base’s members (hereinafter referred to as the “members”), Taiwan Creative Content Agency (hereinafter referred to as “We”) hereby formulate the Taiwan Comic Base Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Privacy Policy”), in order to protect the members’ privacy when they access the offline services and online platform services provided by the Base (including but not limited to, the website at https://www.tcb.tw, and APP, hereinafter referred to as the “Online Platform”) and to help the members learn how to collect, use, and protect their personal information when access the Base’s services. In order to protect the members’ privacy and provide more complete services, we reserve the right to amend the Privacy Policy from time to time. Any update or amendment to the Privacy Policy shall become effective immediately after the same is posted on the Base’s official website. All of the members are advised to view the Privacy Policy periodically.

  • I. Scope of Application

    1. The Privacy Policy is applicable to the collection, processing, use, and protection of personal information involved in the channels, such as cash, logistic and information flow provided by the Base, accessed by the members when they are purchasing merchandises in the merchants and renting venue within the Base, applying for services provided by the Base and accessing the Base’s online platform, including any ID information legally accessed by us in other activities requiring information disclosure or cross-industry alliance separately. Notwithstanding, the Privacy Policy is not applicable to the other sites linked with the Base’s online platform. The members’ use of their personal information when they access the other sites shall apply the privacy policy provided by the respective sites, while we will not bear any liability jointly and severally therefor.
  • II. Contents and Method of Information Collection

    1. 1The members’ personal information which might be collected, processed, used and kept by the Base includes the following Code Types of identification: C001 Type for identifying individuals, namely name, photos, address, telephone number, email, occupation; C002 Type for identifying finance, namely credit card number and financial institution’s account number; C003 Type for identifying in government data, namely ID No. and tax identification number; C011 Individual description, namely date of birth (MM/DD/YY).
    2. The members who access any services provided by the Base are required to provide the information needed by the operations performed for specific purposes. We will collect personal information via, including but not limited to, the following channels:
      1. Application for services: The basic information provided when you register for the membership of the Base, including name, gender, ID No., date of birth (MM/DD/YY), Tel. No., address, email, and any other latest and accurate personal information voluntarily provided by the members.
      2. Trading information: Upon incurrence of debt by the members’ shopping via the Base’s services, we will record the members’ shopping and billing information.
      3. Information disclosure, promotions, and questionnaire: For the promotion of the activities of the cultural content, and the service information about the members’ interests and rights, the members might need to provide their personal information when attending any activities or participating in a questionnaire.
      4. Online platform browsing: For the purpose of the Base’s overall platform operating results, we will retain the relevant logs generated by users in the server voluntarily, including IP address of the device for access, access hours, browser, browsing, and data access logs (including Cookies), et al. Your login to the Base’s online platform with a third-party website account shall constitute your agreement to our collection and use of your ID information and any other information about the third-party website account in said manner.
      5. Cookie technology: In order to provide the members with better experience services, the Base’s online platform sometimes will apply the Cookie technology to save information about your access to the Base’s website. You may opt to modify the settings about acceptance of Cookies in your browser, including receipt of notification, or rejection or acceptance of the Cookies (please note that if you opt to reject all Cookies, you might not be able to access the relevant personal services or participate in certain activities). Cookies may be made available to a third party. For example, when an advertising agency posts some ads on the Base’s online platform, it may collect the information other than the members’ identifiable personal information based on the Cookies. The advertising agency can identify such information as a marketing indicator to evaluate its influence.
      6. Users of this service may upload information including personal data, images, and personal files, such as personal photos and data for review, and the online platform of this base will collect such information.
  • III. Specific Purpose of Information Collection

    The Base collects personal information for the specific purposes to be satisfied when the Base and we need to use your personal information for the operations about information disclosure and processing of quasi-contract or contract or other legal relations, information (communications) services, users’ management and services, feedback to members’ inquiries, investigation, statistics, research and analysis and other e-commerce services required from the Base and us, as well as for the other related operations as required upon your prior approval for the purposes of said services and the other services made available by the Base to any other members.

  • IV. Term and Territories:

    Unless otherwise provided by laws, we will only use your personal information for the specific purposes of said services in reasonable and fair manners, including in writing, in an electronic form, via telephone, and by message, within the territories where the services may extend, in the duration of the specific purposes and the Base’s operations (whichever longer).

  • V. The subject of Members’ Information Disclosure

    The Base will not transmit, sell, exchange, or disclose in disguise the members’ personal information to other groups or individuals, provided that in the following circumstances, the Base will share the members’ personal information with a third party:

    1. Unless otherwise provided by laws or upon the members’ prior consent, we will not disclose your personal information to any persons other than said third party.
    2. Where the employees authorized by us, regulatory authorities and any third party retained by us to process relevant affairs (e.g. the service providers including financial institutions, vendors and logistic service providers) are required to use or disclose the members’ personal information to perform their job duty for the specific purposes of said services.
    3. Where required by judicial authorities and any other competent authorities pursuant to laws.
    4. Where we need to protect the other members’ or a third party’s interest and right under certain emergent conditions.
    5. Where we need to use the information for the purpose of management in order to maintain the normal operation of the member service system on the Base’s website and improve the services available on the website.
  • VI. Storage and Maintenance of Members’ Information

    1. With respect to the personal information provided by the members, we will formulate strict regulations governing the information system and the company’s operating rules. Any person is allowed to process and use necessary information only with the authorization expressly granted by us, in order to protect the members’ personal information security.
    2. Without the members’ prior consent, the Base will not amend or delete any personal information or profile, unless in the following circumstances:
      1. For violations of laws, public order and good morals, or the requirements about access to the Base’s membership service or website.
      2. For the protection of the interests and rights of the Base and related third parties.
    3. The members shall keep their account and password or any personal information registered by them with care to protect their own interests and rights. Meanwhile, they shall advise any update or supplementation to their latest and correct personal information voluntarily and help maintain the personal information provided by them, in order to help the Base keep the personal information provided by them to be accurate at all times.
  • VII. Exercise of Right Against the Information

    1. Unless otherwise provided by laws, the members shall be entitled to inquire or apply for access to, or reproduction, supplementation or correction, suspension of collection, processing or utilization, or deletion of the personal information provided by them. Please note that if the members opt to delete the membership account registered by them, they will not be able to log into the website to access the membership service via such account any longer.
    2. Where you, the members, wish to exercise said right or have any other questions, you may contact the Base’s management unit (at service@tcb.tw) to state your opinion. We will respond to your questions as soon as possible. If account processing is involved, the Base will charge you the necessary costs and expenses therefor pursuant to laws.
    3. When responding to your request, the Base might ask you to provide certain personal information or ID documents to prove that you are the principal or legal representative with respect to the information.
  • VIII. Special Statement of Declaration Made by Children or Persons Without Disposing Capacity

    The Base will not collect related information from any children or underage persons online intentionally. The Base encourages each child or underage person’s parent or guardian (or any other legal representative) to view the Base’s online platform and participate in activities altogether. Any child or underage person may not access the services made available by the Base to engage in transactions online, unless his/her parent or guardian approves it and shows a willingness to make a payment, or otherwise permitted by laws. If you are a child or underage person, you must seek approval from your parent or guardian before completing any specific online transaction.

  • IX. Effect to Interest and Right Posed by Accuracy of Information

    Where you fail to provide complete personal information, you might not be able to enjoy the membership interest and right or access the latest information. Any information provided by the members in error is beyond the scope of protection provided by the Statement.

  • X. Amendments

    We may amend the Privacy Policy in response to the changes of the social environment and laws & regulations, and technological progress, from time to time, and may disclose the amendments to the public via email, phone, promotional materials, and the Base’s online platform, or notify the same in any other adequate manner.

  • XI. Others:

    Your enrollment into the membership service shall constitute your confirmation that you have read, understood, and agreed to the Privacy Policy.