About Golden Comic Awards and Connection

The Golden Comic Awards, Taiwan’s highest award for the comic arts, have been granted since 2010. In recent years, the Ministry of Culture has encouraged the greater cross-disciplinary application of Taiwan’s original comic works. Since 2017, the GCAs have featured not only the awards ceremony but also a series of related events. This year, the GCA theme is “Comics in the City.” The GCAs will be held at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park in Taipei and will include 2 Conference sessions, 3 Networking events, Biz-Matching Center, and Exhibition. This will not only be a gala gathering for the best and brightest in Taiwan’s comics, it will offer many opportunities for fans to visit and meet with their favorite comics face to face. This will be a place where comic artists can discover new and exciting opportunities for bringing their comic creations to other arenas, uplifting the overall development of the comics industry.

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